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200 mg Broad Spectrum Dog Tincture






Our Veterinarian Formulated Broad Spectrum Dog Tincture is great for your pets. Because our CBD oil is CO2 extracted, we’re able to maintain the beneficial properties of the hemp plant while eliminating unwanted THC.  Our 200mg Broad Spectrum Dog Tinctures are perfect for your smaller furry friend.  Why should the big dogs have all the fun? Just a small drop of this product in your pet’s daily meals or directly in their mouths will have them feeling great in no time!


The amount needed for relief varies and is dependent on your animal’s specific metabolism. Use the following recommended dosage as a guideline.


5 – 20 lbs:       .5 ml per day/3.3 mg

20 – 40 lbs:     1 ml per day/6.6 mg

40 – 60 lbs:     1.5 ml per day/9.9 mg

60 – 80 lbs:     2 ml per day/13.2 mg

80+ lbs:           2.5 ml per day/16.5 mg


THC Free hemp extract; Organic MCT coconut oil


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